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Glo Coffee

Mobile Coffee Van


Afternoon Teas


Our Story so far

Glo is our wish, and motivation, to create warmth, and well-being among all our customers, and those we work with.

We chose Glo, or should I say it chose us.

We were looking for a word that people could associate with, that felt warm, friendly, and inviting, an ideal name for our adventure.

We are Terri, and Clive. Our aim is to create great coffees, scrumptious cakes, have fun while we’re doing it, and  put smiles on the faces of everyone we meet.

Specialising in vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free treats, we pride ourselves in showing that no matter what your dietary choices are, you don’t have to miss out on great tasting food. We challenge you to tell the difference between our cakes.

We are environment friendly, sourcing our products with a focus on quality, provenance, sustainability, and freshness. Looking for suppliers that have reduced, minimal, or zero harm upon our ecosystems or environment.

Our  coffee for you

Naturally we search for local crafters and suppliers wherever possible.

Based in Sheffield and motivated by all that's special about Sheffield's reputation and its industrial heritage.

Employing the highest level of talent, and committed to creating their own unique brand of coffee. They work with only the best raw materials available, putting flavour first to exceed expectations. 

They hand craft the finest coffee beans to the highest standard, on one of the most modern, and efficient coffee roasting systems available.

Committed to discovering new products, and methods.


The particular blend we finally chose, is a characterful, and rich blend. In the cup you can expect to taste notes of dark chocolate, toffee, vanilla, and black cherries to finish.

Exceptional as an espresso, and black, where you can experience the full balanced body. Equally sublime through milk, the sweetness, of each beans individually roast flavour lingers with every mouth full.

Coffee parts.jpg
coffee-206142_1920 (1).jpg
Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 

Our local coffee roaster Forge of Sheffield only sources from single origin farms, and estates in the specialty coffee  market with a focus on quality, provenance, sustainability, freshness, and a fair relationship with the growers.

What is single origin coffee, and why is its trace-ability important ?

Single origin coffee is usually of a higher quality and from a specific farm, or estate, and not just a country.  Whilst it's flavour depicts its origin possessing characteristics of that specific location where the coffee was grown.

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